Best Pocket Friendly Tour Packages.

Best Pocket Friendly Tour Packages.

We provide the best tour package in the town. Feel free to contact us.

The Best Trekking  Experience You Feel.

The Best Trekking Experience You Feel.

With us, your trekking experience will always be different and memorable.


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Singh Tour and Travels is a trusted and very reliable Tour Operator in Rudrapur. Embark your travel exploration with us and dive into the soulful ambience of Nature. As the leading Travel Agent in Rudrapur, we understand that traveling is not just a trip, instead, it is a wholesome feeling that everyone deserves after active exertions, just to tranquilize. And for that, we recast the packages for our travelers.

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Being the Best Travel Agents in the hustling and bustling city of Rudrapur, we have now uncovered what traveling to a workaholic person means, so with that in mind, we have stumbled upon the best destinations that everyone deserves to visit once in their lifetime.



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Here are some holiday tour packages that will give you the chance to enjoy the outdoors and help you get close to nature. Take a deep breath and schedule your trip now.

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