Auli  Chair Lift

About Auli Chair Lift

Auli Chair Lift connects Auli to the Skiing slopes of Auli. It is one of the best way to reach the skiing slopes if you are visiting Auli by your own car

Once in Auli, you also have the option to try Auli Chair Lift. Located near GMVN Auli, it is unlike Auli Ropeway and does not have a fixed schedule. Instead, it keeps on running every minute during its operational hours. {{ keyword }}  Also, remote braking and storm warning systems are installed in the chair lift.

Once you are in a chair lift, the views you will witness will be unreal {{ keyword }} . It takes you to the skiing slopes of Auli near Auli Lake. Thus, skiers use it to get to the upper slopes and enjoy skiing in Auli.