Mostamanu Temple

About Mostamanu Temple

Mostamanu temple is situated in the Pithoragarh city of Uttarakhand. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mosta, who is the local deity of the region who is considered god of water and rain.

Mostamanu Temple is a famous religious temple located in Pithoragarh. This temple is about 6 km away from Pithoragarh town. This holy temple is dedicated to God Mosta,Which is considered as the god of this region.

According to local folk tales, this temple was built by a saint, that is , they came from Saint Nepal and settled in this temple is considered to be a replica of Nepal's Pashupatinath temple.   {{keyword}}   In this temple, the devotees come from after and worship the Mosta deity and reacive blessing in the from of prosperity and welfare. 

A local fare is also organized in this temple in the month of August-September, which includes a large number of devotees.{{keyword}} 

The temple's the peaceful enviroment brings comfort to the body and soul.This temple has a great religious significance. {{ keyword}}   During the trip to Pithoragarh, tourists visit in this holy temple. Mostamanu Temple is one of the main religious centres of attraction in Pithoragarh.