About Pinnath

About 5 km from Kausani lies a sleepy village called Pinnath cocooned in the remote valleys of Uttarakhand. Endowed with nature’s bounty, Pinnath evinces breathtaking vistas to comfort the nature lovers and peacekeepers.

This tiny hamlet is known for housing the Pinnath temple at 27,750 meters nested in the foothills of the Gopalkot Peak, overlooking the Kosi Valley.    {{ keyword }} This sacred Hindu shrine is dedicated to Bhairon and is highly revered by the locals. 

If you are a trekking junkie, a worshipper or a nature addict then Pinnath is one such place that you must check box in your travling wish list. Here you can soak in the religious spirit by visiting the conical structured, Pinnath temple or rejuvenate your senses amidst the natural beauty. The trek to Pinnath village is rewarding as you can see the different hues of nature. If you visit this place during the month of October then you can be a part of the grand fair that is held in the Pinnath Village.   {{ keyword }}

Pinnath can be reached from Kausani by starting a trek of 5 km. Kausani is located in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand about 52 km north of Almora. From Delhi visitors has to reach Kathgodam then from Kathgodam to Almora that is very well connected by buses. Kathgodam is the nearest railway station from Kausani. Kausani can be reached by bikes, taxies, and busses as it is very well connected to nearby cities by road. Buses and taxis to Kausani are easily available from Kathgodam railway station. The nearest airport is Pantnagar airport which is 168 km away.

{{ keyword }} The best time for visit Pinnath is from the months of March to May or from September to October. But if you want to feel the festive spirit then make sure you visit this place during the autumn season.