Thal Kedar

About Thal Kedar

Thal Kedar is a holy Shaivite pilgrim site. This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva. During Shivaratri , a number of devotees gather at Thal Kedar. Thal Kedar is situated at a distance of 15 km from the Pithoragarh town and can be reached by trekking from Pithoragarh or Nakuleswar temple or Aincholi.Thal kedar is also known for its scenic beauty. To reach the Thal kedar temple, located at an elevation of 2000 mts, travelers have to go through a narrow pathway along the dense vegetations.

The Kedar Temple is a famous religious temple located in Pithoragarh. The sacred temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is known as named of Thal Kedar Shiva Temple.   {{keyword}}   This religious place is the most famous for his Shivling. which is considered to be 1000 million years old. It is said that Peshwa Nana Sahab had reached the Thal Kedar from Pancheshwar via Nepal to avoid the British. 

According to the locals'a farmer's cow in this area compared to other cows, every day the house was reaching late .One day farmer followed the cow and saw that the cow is going straight to the Thal Kedar peak, and gives a bath to a Shivling from its milk. 

This thing spread throughout the area and tha villagers decided to set up Shiva Temple at the place.  {{keyword}}   Which is currently known as the Thal Kedar Temple. It believed about this temple that devotee who comes to this temple and prays with a true heart, his desire is fulfilled.

During the trip to Pithoragarh ,tourist visit in this holy temple. Thal Kedar Temple is one of the main religious centres of attraction in Pithoragarh.  {{keyword}}

The journey of Thal Kedar Temple can be done thorughout the year, but the best time to visit here is between the months of October to May. Travlling here in these months is the best and enjoyable.    {{keyword}} During the winter season, the weather of here is cold. Due to snowfall on the surrounding hills in the winter season, the temperature of here goes down very much. Due to heavy rains in the rainy season, it is a bit difficult to travel of here because of heavy rains theatening landslides.